Ever wondered how you can turn back time and re-live important family memories? Or what your child is doing when you are not around?What does the world look like from a child’s perspective? If the answer is yes, meet Benjamin Button. The first button-shaped smart camera capable of capturing and keeping your precious family moments together, forever. And in the easiest way possible. It is specifically designed for busy parents who are short on time and lack experience in keeping only the best moments from video footage.

However, the true magic of Benjamin lies in it’s pretty casing.

With it’s built-in automatic video editing software, sound and activity recognition, face recognition or smart sharing options, it takes the guesswork out of making the videos interesting. All you have to do is share and enjoy the video with those that matter.


The idea of capturing moments kids will not remember has been there from the very beginning of Benjamin Button, as one of the therapists Vladimir Cervenak has said.

Kids do not remember much until the age of 4 and thus such video footage from important moments can play a crucial part in later years, by treating fears for example.

A child’s perspective, from the video footage – as seen here from the prototype is another major reason for Dan Salter, a father of one girl.  

Some parents have tried to put GoPro-like action cameras on their kids, but as the mounts and holders are not designed for their bodies, it can be dangerous when engaging in different sports etc., and there is even Wifi radiation to be concerned about, so they stopped using it.

Most of the parents, when asked, enjoy the hands-free video shooting and smartness of Benjamin Button which edits the videos for them automatically.

They can easily share funny and important moments with their distant family or via social media.

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