Few years back it was a doctor at a yearly preventive checkup telling us our vital health stats. Today we can have this info not from a doctor but from a piece of plastic, rubber and glass strapped to our wrist or tied around our chest. Fitbit, Garmin, VivoFit, Xiaomi Pro and countless other gadgets telling us the state of our health and fitness levels at any time we please.  It’s like having a personal fitness and healthy living coach non stop with us and available to answer our every question regarding our current health.

Wearable technology and not talking just about the fitness gadgets but also about hands free cameras. The trend is nowhere near new but becoming popular by the hour and influencing many more ways we do everyday tasks. One of those being parenting. Among others. What do parents and specifically mothers think of wearable technology? Would they put it on their kids? Would they be scared? If yes, why? If not, why not? Instead of coming up with the answers ourselves, we asked the biggest experts. Moms themselves.

Wearable tech and kids? Mums have spoken

Well, there is no one answer. How many people, that many opinions. That is why we asked the most experienced of us all. Moms. And they were kind enough to give us their brutally honest opinions.

Young mom of one daughter Denisa shared her opinion:

She says, she is not opposed to her daugher wearing a camera but not for too long. In her own words: “I would be ok for her to wear some “gopro like” camera for a short time. Only for some kind of an experience, such as a fun ride or a water slide”. She would definitely not give her a camera to wear all day long. Her husband works as a doctor in a hospital and had a very unpleasant experience of late when a baby monitor exploded next to the little patient’s head causing ugly burns. So naturally Denisa is worried and would never allow her child to wear something on or next to her daughter’s head.

Another mom of a little son Alexandra has a slightly different opinion.

Since she has never yet had a chance to try and experience wearable technology so she’d be quite keen to try it.

“So far I am staying true to the camera on my iPhone”, she says.

Mom of 2 daughters Veronika is in her own words “a bit old fashioned”.

She is completely opposed to using wearable technology. She would not even consider it.

Veronika further explains why.

“I believe that there is still some kind of radiation being emitted from this type of technology, and I am worried it may be harmful to the little ones health”.

Wearable tech is here to stay and will continue to be a part of our lives in more and more ways with each passing day. Since we cannot fight it, we might as well use it to our best advantage. Same as we can’t imagine our lives without having a cellphone, we are beginning to live in a world when technology such as wearable cameras, GPS trackers and baby monitors in the shape of socks will be absolutely standard item and people without will be seen as those who do not own a cellphone now.

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