New year, new start, right? Ok, maybe not new but at least better, improved start. Many of us are beginning the new year with a few goals, resolutions and decisions of what we want to or plan on achieving in the 12 months that lie ahead of us. Get healthier, learn a new language, quit smoking, start exercising or be a better parent. For those of you, who have decided to try and become better parents, you have come to the right place.

Similar to last year, we have put together the best parenting blogs you should read and follow in 2017. They may offer some inspiration and maybe even help you on your way.

Kidspot | |@kidspotsocial


This huge Aussie parenting portal is all about helping moms and dads solve their doubts and all kinds of problems, that come with simply being a parent. Kidspot has been around for 10 years and offers a wealth of information about anything and everything you need to know about being a good parent. No matter if you have a newborn or a teenager on your hands. Chances are, you will find an answer to your question right here. Whether you are not sure about something during your pregnancy or you just want your teen to act “normal” for a while, this is your place to go! Kidspot even offers lifestyle tips and food ideas.

“In 2017 Kidspot will continue to share engaging real life stories and informative articles that make us laugh, cry or become so outraged we almost spit out our cold tea. We want to provide a supportive environment for parents to share this crazy journey.” – Melissa Wilson

Pregnant Chicken
| | @pregnantchicken


Established by Amy Morrison in 2010. A very well-known and read website by now. Mostly focused on pregnant women and pregnancy in general. Packed with all sorts of topics, tips and tricks around pregnancy. Currently undergoing many big challenges to engage their readers. Pregnant chicken will try to deliver its new tools and many useful resources for the parents. There is definitely a lot to look forward to!

“Pregnant Chicken is relaunching their pregnancy calendar and their new resource guide for 2017! Both stick to the Burd’s philosophy of keeping things fun and funny during pregnancy.”

– Amy Morrison


Daddy Blogger | | @tokyoricky


Established by Ricky Shetty, Daddy blogger gives you a slightly different perspective on parenting. The father perspective. The main message of this website is to inspire other parents to travel with their kids and families a whole lot more.

So besides enjoying the traveling adventures, you will also find tons of parenting gear reviews, tips, giveaways and much more!

“Here we are in 2017 doing a Round-The-World Trip visiting Asia, Middle East, Africa, South and Central America with 3 kids under 5 years old. Our blog has saved us thousands of dollars by getting media stays at hotels and resorts, complimentary sightseeing attractions, restaurant meals, and much more. We have worked with major Tourism Boards, Hotels & Resorts, and Sightseeing Attractions around the world. In 2017, we will continue with our family travel adventure inspiring other parents to travel more with their children. If we can travel globally with 3 kids under 5, so can you! :)” -Ricky Shetty

The Inspiration Edit |  | @inspire_edit


This educative, yet funny blog written by a stay at home mom and an early years teacher Angela Milnes keeps its objective and slogan fairly straightforward; “learn through play”. Angela was born in New Zealand but is now living in the UK with her husband, daughter and a dog. Her blog definitely doesn’t lack resources; from recipes, family animals to games and ideas. She says, she loves writing this blog as it is her way of portraying honest and positive family experiences.


“The focus of our blog for 2017 is sharing inspirational ideas to educate and engage children through play.”- Angela Milnes

So which one of these will become your 2017 source of parenting advice? Let us know in the comments or share your opinion with us on our BB facebook page

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