We parents know our time is precious and we need information (that can sometimes be scarce) as well as inspiration for our parenting. Benjamin Button has picked the best mummy and daddy bloggers out there and this is what they are going to write about in 2016:

Dad and Buried | dadandburied.com | @DadandBuried

Mike Julianelle with his hilarious daddy blog will get a new kickstart in 2016.

I’m expecting another kid in January, so my blog is sure to be loaded with stuff about that, from remembering all the baby stuff I’d forgotten, to dealing with suddenly having two kids, to never sleeping again for the rest of my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about my sons bonding, and their positive relationship, and maybe even my 5yo settling down and not being such a pain in the ass anymore? That would be great,“ says Mike.

He will have further milestones in his family life which will be fun to follow: his 5 year old son will enter first grade, which will surely bring new material. And Mike will also be turning 40. Looks like 2016 at Dadandburied.com blog will be a great source of inspiration for parents with babies and pre-school kids as well.

Family Focus Blog | familyfocusblog.com

Family Focus Blog will continue to feature parenting articles that share personal tips and hot topics in parenting.

You will also find more healthy family recipes and family friendly craft projects. Family travel destinations will be highlighted,“ says Scarlet Paolicchi.

For shopping- eager mums, of course there will be even more shopping tips and an increased focus on fashion. Familyfocusblog.com will be again a number one choice for mums with little free time.

I Am Not the Babysitter | iamnotthebabysitter.com | @MsJamieLynne

The blog will contain it’s normal eclectic mix of parenting articles, humour, lifestyle, etc. but you can look forward to kicking off 2016 with a parental philanthropic focus!

We anticipate early 2016 focusing on our nonprofit work. We have a nonprofit organization called Raise It Up that was started by iamnotthebabysitter.com’s founder, Jamie Grumet,“ shared Nikki Waring.

The team recently went to Lesbos in Greece to a Syrian refugee camp and will be returning there at the beginning of 2016 to provide relief aid. „We also have sustainable garden projects coming up in Africa as well,“ added Nikki. Parents who want to see the world outside of their safe neighbourhoods should definitely stick to this blog.

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Daddy Blogger
| daddyblogger.com

One of the most watched fathers in the US – Ricky Shetty – has big plans for 2016.

We are launching our brand new website FamilyTravelBloggers.com on Jan 1, 2016 focused on inspiring parents to travel more with their kids. We will be doing a one year adventure from Vancouver overland through the US, Central America, and South America with 3 kids under 5 years old,“ reveals Ricky.

You might check the website and maybe see Ricky live in your city. Besides that, with Ricky you will always get great tips on how to spend your family holiday.

The Good Men Project | thegoodmenproject.com

Thegoodmenproject.com is more than a blogging platform, and indeed it is worth reading it all. We focused on the Dad and Family part of it. It is not, and will not be in 2016, only a parenting forum, it is specifically one which examines the involvement of men as fathers.

We will spotlight the men in our world who have expanded their complete, emotionally holistic selves to innately express the depths of present and eager parenting. We will expose gender role restrictions as useless paradigms and create a new vision of male individuals who can explore and express the gamete of their talents, instincts and compassions freely and with strength — all to the benefit and inspiration of their families and children,“ says Robert Watson.

The Good Men Project is revisiting the daily parental routines and focuses on the core of becoming and being an extraordinary parent.

Robert adds: „We will reflect a world where a woman can be accepted as a competitive, viable candidate for the most powerful job in the world, and at the same time be one in which a talented, vibrant, valuable man can see his mandate is staying home and nurturing his children as their primary stay at home parent.“

Crazy Adventures in Parenting | crazyadventuresinparenting.com

If you have a few minutes off from the kids each day, it is totally worth it to spend it on crazyadventuresinparentingblog.com blog. Mum of seven great kids, Lisa Douglas, is sharing here not only fun stories or recipes. Tons of useful tips on spending time with kids, weight loss or even crafts especially when they are described in a very personal and informal way will cheer up any mum. Lisa is planning to return to „old school blogging“ for 2016. She is missing the times where she used to pour her heart out.

It was about our unique voices and opinions being shared. I got to know many bloggers back then, as they got to know me, because we shared from our souls and laughed when it was funny, and cried when life became hard and unbearable. I want to some how get back to that,“ says Lisa.

Fingers crossed for her and for all parents who love blogs that help them to become better than they were yesterday!


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