You guessed right! We’re talking kid pictures. And in particular sharing private pictures of your own children across social media networks.

It’s a difficult and hot topic these days. Discussed among parents, those who are not yet parents and simply said, everyone has an opinion on it. The thing is, there is no one definite answer. In the end, it will always come down to you- the parent to decide, if you will or won’t share your child’s life on the internet.

That being said, let’s take a deeper look on the good and the bad of sharing pictures of the biggest treasures of every parent- their kids on the world wide web.


This one’s simple. Why do you post on social media at all? Why do you post pictures from trips, good food or fun activities? Because at that moment you are happy. And you want to share and spread your happiness with others. You want to create a positive vibe. You want people to see that you enjoying your life.

The same goes for sharing photos of your children. You are proud of them. Proud that you have them, proud because they have achieved something. And you don’t want to keep it just to yourself.

Another reason many parents share their children’s photos is to simply stay in touch. Many of us nowadays are torn apart. For multiple reasons. We live far from each other. Often in different cities, states and even countries. Social media has therefore become the only option for us families to stay in touch. And for our grandparents to see us, their grandkids.

Use with CAUTION

As with everything, moderation and common sense is key. Or better yet, caution would be a better expression to use.

We are being witnesses of the the first generation that will be living with a digital trail. This means that kids will have a backlog of digital information available about them on the internet. We currently don’t know and are not able to tell whether this will be an advantage or a reason for some later trouble but either way, parents should be highly cautious of what information, photos and mainly the quantity and frequency do they decide to share with the world. However cute or sweet they may be. This trail, once online, becomes very difficult to keep track off. Or get rid of. You can lose control over its use faster than you may realize.

People are imaginative and creative and kid pictures are one of the most sought after pictures in the online world. Within seconds can a picture you took of your child and uploaded online with only the best interests in mind be taken and used in better cases for advertising purposes and the worst ones? Let’s not even go there. The options are limitless.

Be photo WISE

No one can of course stop you from sharing whatever you feel like on your social media channels. And if kid pictures are something you like sharing than that’s your decision. But let us give you a few tips so that particular activity does not turn its back towards you one day.

  • Privacy settings are your best friend (especially on Facebook)- that is what they are there for after all. When posting a picture, only share it with family members and custom select people who will be able to see it
  • Give GPS a break- Turn off location enabling settings on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Don’t use your kids real names- be creative and give your kids nicknames, or better yet- ask them, what nicknames do they like. This goes especially for tagging pictures of your children on social media networks. Tagging a picture can also later make it a lot easier to delete it and with it lessen the danger of it being used for all the wrong reasons.
  • Use websites that require people to log in to see the pictures rather than the photo being freely available for all of your followers to see. Flickr is a good one. Or Instagram when set to a private account.

So what do we recommend?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer. It is an individual decision and us here at Benjamin shall leave this decision up to your discretion.

There are many ways to keep your memories alive. You could store your photos on an external disk or in a cloud storage and share them with your loved ones in a matter of seconds whenever you want, wherever you are. The options are plentiful and the world is your oyster. Just make sure you do it safely and in such a way, that won’t be able to be misused.

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