Photography is the magic of capturing the moment.

The beauty of a moment is turned into a memory which can stay with us forever. One of the most precious periods for personal photography is capturing the early stages of childhood which we do not remember at all. It is not just visual proof that reminds us that we were once children; it is a unique mix of emotions, innocence and gestures.

What is the most appropriate period for taking pictures of a child?

As far as newborns are concerned it is in their second week. The babies fall asleep easily and we can create beautiful pictures of them taking a nap. Keep your camera ready – after they awake with their eyes wide opened and full of surprise, you can capture some nice facial expressions.

A great period for taking artistic photos of a baby is from the 3rd to the 5th month. At this time the babies react nicely to different sounds which attract their attention. We can use either baby rattles or some melodies from the mobile phone to make them turn our way and giggle.

Maja, professional photographer and Bb friend (whose picture illustrates this post), gave us this advice:

I personally prefer singing and making some animal sounds. Babies usually stay in one position – the one we have placed them in, so it is really easy to arrange the photo scenery. The infants cannot walk or crawl away, which ends approximately within their 8th month of life.

Photographers as well say that the best scenery is usually outdoors. Hard to tell why – besides the atmosphere, fresh air, colors, the matter of fact is that people – both parents and kids – are somehow relaxed and natural. Kids love to play and be outside and the pictures taken can usually tell a whole story about their playtime.

For smooth cooperation I can only advise bribery” says Maja, “Give the child a chocolate, toy, biscuit or even a simple flower and I can ensure you that finding the best shot will become much easier.

Some might think that taking pictures of your child or baby is taking the moment away from you, because you are not cherishing it enough. However, the focus in finding a great shot and detail makes even an everyday situation special. The rule of thumb for baby pictures is easy – just enjoy it, enjoy the moments, even if your baby is crying. That is worth capturing as well!

And do not forget to get back to your pictures after some time…

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