It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. You find yourself sitting on the couch, holding a cup of hot tea, feeling somewhat nostalgic as you watch the raindrops slide down the window. You open the drawer on your cupboard and take an old dusty box out. In it you have all the precious family photos from your childhood. You are looking at them one by one before you realize hours went by.  It stopped raining, the sun came out again and there is a beautiful rainbow outside. You no longer feel nostalgic. You feel happy and have a smile on your face. Why? Because you have just relived your childhood and reawakened your memories. Some of them you may not have even been aware of. But thanks to those dusty photos you are now. Memories are vitally important and keeping them even more so.

What Role do memories play?

Put simply – a very important one. Let me break it down a bit. Somewhere between the ages 2-4, kids lack “episodic memory” – memory that looks after remembering details of a specific event. These memories are stored in several parts of the brain’s surface. This particular part of the brain is also known as cortex. Visual experiences are stored in visual cortex, sound in sound cortex and so on. All of these are then tied together and stored in the middle of the human brain, a part called hippocampus. The fact, why kids have a lot of trouble remembering events or situations between the ages of 2-4 years is because the hippocampus is at this very age only starting to put all of this information together. Kids’ brain concentrates more on improving a so called “semantic” memory – a memory thanks to which kids are able to recognize their parents or say “thank you” or “please” when they want something.


Technology is here to help

Never fear. Technology is here to help your your kids remember and you to keep the moments, when your little ones are not yet able to do it themselves. Take Benjamin Button for example. And we’re not talking about that famous movie. This is better than that. An intelligent, pocket sized wearable camera. Looks like a cute button and clips on your kids clothes (or your clothes, if you wish) and records all the events by itself from the perspective of the wearer. Now imagine, how much fun watching this footage (such as the one below) can be later. And how much nostalgia and laughs while watching this very footage will it bring, when your kids are older or when they are parents themselves?


Benjamin does all the work for you. Not only will it record all the fun, happy, sad or any other events you want it to, it will edit and cut the footage all by itself.  All you have to do is press the “play” button and enjoy looking back at all the precious, happy family moments that would have otherwise been forever lost and not remembered. Technology is here to help us. Make our lives easier. Bring us closer together. Even relive and keep memories for the next generation that will come after us.  Let Benjamin be the brain for remembering all the moments that matter. So that your children can share these very moments with their own children in a few years time.

Let Benjamin become another member of your family!


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