Priorities and lives of people about to become parents have changed quite a bit over the past few decades. Older generations would say that today’s parents and parents to be have it a lot easier than they ever imagined it having. There is all this technology to help out with everyday duties, so parents really should have more time and indeed disposable incomes to spend with and on their kids.

Talking about money it naturally brings us to fashion and comfort. Moms these days don’t just need items such as a pram to be purely functional but also stylish and fashion forward. Prams are becoming fashion accessories. But beware. There’s something else that is slowly but surely becoming even more popular than a pram. A baby sling. Mums and indeed dads too all over the place are growing fonder of this “little big” accessory. So what is better?

Going with the classic pram or down the trendy path with a baby sling? Let us give you the pro’s of both.


A classic pram never dies (there are the obvious plus points):

  • It has wheels. No need to carry your child. Saves mom’s back, big time.
  • Because of the roof and other add ons protects the baby from the elements and moms can carry not only their kids in style and comfort, but also all the baby necessities, some shopping or a handbag.
  • Child can sit or lie down anytime they feel like it
  • Today’s market offers prams for every wish and need. From classic, to modern, lightweight, for the sporty, active fitness moms, for two children at ones are just a few options. Not to mention all the stylish color combos, sizes and shapes.

Sling’s the word

A piece of fabric, that had become extremely popular and a preferred choice for moms and dads all over the planet. A good friend of mine, who recently became a mom is a huge fan and both her and her partner constantly and daily carry their newborn son around.

Here’s why:

  • Comfort and Convenience- no need for a mum to push a large pram in front of her all the time
  • Great for the physical development of the baby. Babies carried in a sling by their moms can feel mom’s breathing, walking, movements. This helps to stimulate baby’s own physical responses and provides the baby with a great exercise, which helps with balance.
  • Happy baby- Many researches have proven that kids, who are carried are happier and cry less.
  • Happy mom- A sling isn’t good just for the little one but for mom too. It’s like walking with weights so great for bones, muscles, general toning of the body. Have we mentioned it’s a fantastic cardio exercise? Well, it is.
  • Its cheap- Let’s be honest. Having a child is not a cheap business. And a pram is one of the more costly items whereas a sling is often only a quarter of the price. What is there to even think about.
  • It’s safe- Well, you are literally “wearing your child on you”, so there is no chance of kids being taken away from the pram or run away by themselves. Slings can also provide emotional support for kids. And they are a great tool to bond. Not just for moms. Dads and even grandparents are welcome to try it too.

It’s a personal choice after all. What’s important is to spend quality time with your child so that you and him or her have many unforgettable memories to look back on and talk about when the time comes. Because time, memories and experiences, not things are what really matters in life the most.

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