Imagine this. You want to buy a new camera, phone or a computer. You do your research online, check all the reviews you can find, compare prices and in the end you choose the winner you’ll spend your hard earned money on. You decide to buy in in your local electronics store as you don’t want to wait for the long awaited new “toy” for weeks to arrive.

What was the deciding factor, that was the final “tipping point” that made you hand over the cash for that particular camera, phone, computer or any other product? Was it the design, the price, safety specs, functionality, the look, the reviews or a combination of all?

Would these factors however change if you were a parent?

Why do parents buy what they buy?

Parents are a specific group of people. Why? Well, when deciding to buy a piece of technology for example a camera or anything else for that matter, they are probably buying it with their kids, their activities together or family memories in mind. And they are probably looking for example at the camera being “childproof”, meaning when a kid takes it “for a spin” the camera survives it in one piece.

We asked a couple of mums what do they look for when buying products.

Young mum of a small boy Zuzana says, when it came to buying basic things such as nappies or cleaning products for the household, environmental factor was for her at the utmost importance.  Besides that also social responsibility.

When it comes to cosmetics, she prefers natural over the standard well known brands and when deciding which pram to go for, she went for a German brand because of high quality and a guarantee of an immediate repair should anything go wrong. For Zuzana’s husband, who was the main person she discussed all major purchases with, functionality was the no.1 priority.  Barbora, another young mom of a 3 month old baby girl has slightly different priorities when it comes to buying things.

For a pram she was looking at the brand. Even though she is not a religious brand follower. Another important deciding factor for her was the functionality of the pram, such as the ability to adjust the handle or its construction and ease of folding it.  Same thing goes for clothing. When she was pregnant and also now, when she is breastfeeding her daughter. She is struggling to find functional yet modern, fresh and feminine clothes that would also be reasonably priced.

To answer the question we asked in the title of this article is pretty much not possible because it differs for each and every person and is influenced by many factors. One of the main ones is whether the person buying a product is a man or a woman. But one thing is for sure. It is usually a combination of a few or all of the above mentioned factors influencing the buying decision of parents. Because they are buying it with their kids in mind.

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